We are the Philly area sub-group of a national Rebellious Nursing movement.

Rebellious Nursing Philly

As Rebellious Nursing Philly, we serve as a Philly area hub to organize and connect folks with national Rebellious Nursing efforts. We are an informal support and networking group of radical and social justice-minded nurses, students, and health care workers in the Philly area. We meet roughly monthly to bi-monthly for social gatherings to connect with and support one another, and to discuss topics on the politics of nursing and health care.

We are also a local space for nurses and others to organize themselves around different projects. Here is a list of some projects that members are currently working on. To learn more or to be added to our low-volume listserv email us at rebelnursingphilly [AT] gmail.com.

About Rebellious Nursing

Rebellious Nursing was founded in 2012, in the lead up to organizing a conference in Philly, as an informal collective of nurses, at all levels of practice, bonding together to create safe and energetic spaces for engagement in the struggles for liberation, justice, and healthful communities. Some of our founding principles include:

We believe that Nursing is an inherently political profession and that all nurses are rebellious.

We seek to create a world where all people receive and have a say in competent, compassionate, and respectful care in their communities. As opposed to a world where nurses are divided by education and training, as well as structural forms of oppression that pervade society, such as racism and sexism, we seek to include all nurses in our organizing on equal footing, by confronting what divides us. As opposed to a world where a wall is placed between healthcare providers and patients and their friends and families, we envision a world where caregiving is a communal activity. As opposed to a world where access to care and education is determined by money, we seek a future where we all contribute according to our abilities, and everyone receives care according to their needs.

We seek to create networks of nurses committed to addressing these issues and nurturing these projects. If you’re interested in working with us, we’d LOVE your input and ideas!


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